The Shake Smart Start

shakesmart-app-large What do you think of when you hear the words “protein shake”? Most of us would think of a chalky, bland drink that is gulped down within a half-hour after a workout. While it’s not necessarily a pleasant experience, it’s still a generally considered to be a good practice for maintaining muscle growth and health. As a student, Kevin Gelfand (’11, management) had a membership to SDSU’s Athletic Recreation Center (the ARC) located on the west end of the campus. A problem arose when he realized the drive from the ARC to his home in Pacific Beach was more than 30 minutes, which limited the benefits of the shake.


Another Year In, Shake Smart Eclipsing Growth

Reno SDSUThe founders of Shake Smart, Inc., San Diego State University graduates Kevin Gelfand and Martin Reiman, outperformed their own business expectations in 2013. A year ago, the duo expected the popularity of their protein-and macronutrient-infused menu to help them roughly triple within the year a payroll that at the time included only 16 employees. Gelfand had hoped to expand in 2013 beyond the company’s original location on the SDSU campus, to open four new locations – in Oceanside, La Jolla, Camp Pendleton and a second…

3 Years of Healthy Growth

Shake SmartFew startups explode out of the gate the way San Diego-based Shake Smart has. Co-founders Kevin Gelfand and Mark Reiman hatched their business idea while still seniors at San Diego State University (SDSU): create a macro-nutrient- and protein-packed shake that’s delicious, healthy andconvenient – a surprisingly rare combination. The San Diego Union-Tribune captures their product’s unique appeal: “With 30+ grams of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it’s essentially a meal…

Shake Smart Expanding Empire

Shake Smart UTC

The wild success story that began on the SDSU campus in January of 2011 — as featured in Forbes magazine — continues. Shake Smart is opening four new locations, bringing their tasty, high-protein meal-replacement shake (and other healthy mini meals) to even more of the populace. If you’re unfamiliar with the story, let’s recap. SDSU seniors Kevin Gelfand and Martin Reiman started a kiosk next to the campus gym so students could get a tasty protein shake after a workout. The kiosk was an instant hit and made history as…

Build A Smart Foundation For Health

ShakesAre you always trying to find something to eat that is quick, convenient, and healthy?

Often times we hear people talking about what to eat or where they should go to fuel their bodies with the proper nutrients to maintain their on-the-go lifestyle.

Most people will take the easy way out and choose the quick and easy foods that usually offer little to no nutritional value or nutrients for our bodies. Our…


Nutrition Infographic

You Can’t Out Train A Bad Diet. Check out this infographic to learn some basic info on good fats vs. bad fats, protein, carbs, sugar, and calories. Also learn about the 30-minute window and some shakes that are perfect for how you feel today!

Forbes Names Shake Smart To All-Star List

Screen-shot-2012-09-20-at-8.18.23-AMSAN DIEGO- Two SDSU Business students are getting national exposure for inventing a new health shake. They have been featured in Forbes after inventing a new heath shake.

Kevin Gelfand and Martin Reiman are on pace to gross $700,000 from their year-old business called Shake Smart. Forbes magazine has featured the duo, calling Shake Smart one of the fastest growing businesses in San Diego.

At age 23, the partners are considered by Forbes to be all-star entrepreneurs…

All Star Entrepreneurs – Forbes Magazine

As he was leaving the San Diego State University gym one afternoon in July 2010 after his usual weight-training session, Kevin Gelfand realized he was dreading the warm, lumpy protein shake he was planning to drink. “It almost tasted like dirt,” he recalls.

He decided he would try to concoct a drink that added ingredients like fresh fruit and nonfat milk to the usual whey protein powder to find a blend that tasted good and still packed a protein punch. He turned to fellow…

A Smart Start For New Alums

shake_productWhile many of the almost 10,000 new alumni who graduated from SDSU last month are busy these days polishing resumes and looking for jobs, Kevin Gelfand and Martin Reiman aren’t worried about finding work. Instead, they’re focused on determining the next great location to expand their growing company.

Gelfand, 22, from Santa Clarita and Reiman, a 23-year-old New Jersey native, are the founders of Shake Smart, a food stand specializing in protein shakes and smoothies. As business students and avid workout…

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